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What to Ask When Booking a Wedding Venue

Valley Of Fire Destination Wedding

We work with our couples to design and plan their dream weddings, from helping you select your dream location to arranging vendors and the tiniest of details. Gone are the days when we limited ourselves to our chapel doors.

We closed the physical chapel location to put all of our efforts into destination weddings so we can offer a variety of locations for unique weddings that can only be found here in Las Vegas. Our wide range of venue selection includes the Valley of Fire Weddings, Hot Rod Weddings, Red Rock Weddings, El Dorado Canyon Weddings, Seven Magic Mountains Weddings, and En Suite Weddings.

Types Of Wedding Venues | Where Do You Want To Get Married

Whether it's a small intimate wedding, or a large wedding party with an extravagant ceremony and reception. You’ll want to remember this day for the rest of your life. So what is your idea of the perfect destination wedding?

It can be hard to decide exactly which of our six types of venues is the perfect fit for your wedding day. Especially considering many of the venues have even more options within them.

For example, if you like the idea of an outdoor wedding within an hour’s drive of Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire has two venues to choose from within the park. The El Dorado Canyon provides even more options within the location itself: we can design your event to take place at the Choya Cactus and Mountains, the Choya Barn, the Choya Arch, the Large Barn, the Airplane, or the General Store.

Luckily, since we’ve been in this business for a long time, we have plenty of examples to show you of each location, and by meeting in person in our Henderson, Nevada, location or virtually, we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit for the wedding of your dreams. By listening to your wants, budget needs, desired number of guests, and more, we can easily point you to the best options to fit your unique wedding.

Wedding Venue Questions To Think About

 Wedding Kiss Overlooking Red Rock Canyon

While we’re happy to help you figure out the best location for all of your needs and desires, here is a helpful list of questions in the meantime to consider when thinking about booking a venue for your big day:

  1. What dates are available?

  2. What is the cost of the venue rental?

    • What does this cost include? What is not included? What does the venue offer?

    • What is the timing of the payments? What is the deposit, and is it refundable?

    • What types of payments does the venue accept?

    • Consider permits, if it costs more depending on the number of guests, etc.

    • Consider if the cost varies based on the type of day you pick (weekday versus weekend, time of year, etc.)

  3. What can you bring from outside the venue?

    • Can you bring your own officiant? Photographer? Decorations?

    • Do they have an inventory of decorations to use?

      • Are there other limitations to decor (such as candles, confetti, etc.)?

    • Some places have a limited list of vendors permitted to work there, some provide decorations you can choose from, etc. Consider if these are things you care about bringing in from the outside, or are you happy to use their list of already vetted and recommended vendors?

  4. How much time can you have at the venue?

    • Does this include time to setup and take down?

  5. Are there locations onsite where you can get ready?

    • Are there bathrooms near the ceremony site?

  6. What is the weather contingency? Is there a backup plan?

  7. How accessible is the location for your guests?

    • Consider guests coming from out of town- what ways are there to get from the airport to the venue? Is parking accessible? Will guests be needing to walk a long distance from parking to the location of the ceremony?

  8. Will there be other weddings taking place on site nearby that day?

Remember, When Booking A Wedding Venue..

It can feel overwhelming when looking at lists like this, so just remember that because we’ve worked with our venues for a long time, we can help you shortcut a lot of these questions and get you direct answers right away.

If you’re coming to us with strong ideas in mind of what you want, we can point you in the right direction, already taking all of these pieces into consideration.

If you’re coming to us with a blank slate and need inspiration and ideas, we can easily build from that as well. As I (Lisa) always say, "I love my couples and do everything possible to make fun and memorable wedding adventures for them to create a memory which will last a lifetime." I can’t wait to get started on yours with you!

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